December 17th, 2005


Interview (Tiny, but Surrounded by More Intelligent People)

I did a small interview over a bloggasm (bloggasm) over here.

It's part of a day of interviewing, so it includes a bunch of people other than myself who write short fiction and blog, such as Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jeff VanderMeer (vanderworld), Doug Lain (douglain), Nick Mamatas (nihilistic_kid), and Eugie Foster (eugie, among others.

I, however, am the only one claiming to be cooler than Jesus.

You can read the whole lot here.

Aurealis Award Critiques, Update.

Quick update on my plan to critique the Aurealis Award nominations. Basically, Niall Harrison (coalescent), reviews editor at Strange Horizons, expressed an interest in having it for the site, and so that's where it'll appear, somewhere at the end of January, assuming there are no major problems. There was some interest in having the work here on this blog, but mostly I got a feeling that people didn't care, so I like the idea of it going to the Strange Horizons venue, where it'll get outside this blog, and reach more people who have an interest. Plus, it'll stop me from falling into the sometimes lazy practices that I do here when I make comments about things, which is probably for the best, I reckon.

So, there you go. I'm chasing up the stories now. There'll be a link when it goes up, naturally, but you can read the Strange Horizons reviews on syndication at sh_reviews, if you're unaware.
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