December 15th, 2005


Aurealis Award Shortlist

Well, the Aurealis Award Shortlist is out. I've put it behind a cut because the formating in the email I received has made it a bitch to read (not to mention long). Anyhow, I had a plan to snag the short fiction from the three adult sections and do a critique through here, in a local sort of blog stunt. That would require me, however, getting the stories sent to me, though I'll probably not need the online ones, so it means hassle authors or editors for them to email me. I've no idea how that'll go down, given the ever so popular nature of this blog.

Still, it shouldn't be a problem, I don't think. The real question, however, is how many of you want to read critiques of this stuff? Usually, opinions don't make of a difference to what I blog about, but I'm a bit 'eh' on it, so if you guys have got no interest, we'll let it go.

Poll #633856 Awards

Do You Want to Read Critiques of Aurealis Award Finalists?

What the Fuck Do I Care?
Aren't There More Interesting Things to Blog About?

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