December 9th, 2005


In Reference to this Blog

Here's an operating statement for this blog, cause I feel the need to say it today.

I am not afraid to be wrong. I am not afraid to be questioned. I am not afraid to change my mind when someone points out something reasoned and intelligent at me that I, in my stupidity, did not think of. This blog is, essentially, a raw processor of ideas and thoughts, and as such, they come out half formed, deformed, and just fine. There's a nice mix. But this blog, it's not going to be filled with posts where I spend hours upon hours refining arguments. It's a blog. It's runs on energy and thoughts and the speed they come together, and if it occasionally sounds like I'm a contradiction, that I'm a fuck up, that I know what I'm on about, that I'm passionate, that I'm apathetic, then, hey, you know what what, good.

Also, I like the swear words. The swear words are staying. You got a problem with that, it's time to go.

(Imaginary Jesus: Does that mean we have to go?

Free Loading Alien: What happens when that dude VanderMeer and his evil psyche pet realise you're ripping 'em off? Dontcha even give a shit bout originality anymore?

Imaginary Jesus: Is he polishing a gun?)