November 13th, 2005


End of the Week/Start of the Week

I dream of big, black crows that eat raw flesh. Clearly a bad sign.

My year three students went home last weekend and asked their parents what the word cunt meant. It had appeared on a boy's homework. Turns out he had gotten his brother to do it and, because the brother was as stupid as a dead snake, he couldn't do it properly, and instead slipped in a rude work for kicks. I asked said student about the word and he claimed ignorance, and if true or not, it got the class interested. They spent the next five minutes of screaming cunt out at the top of their lungs, getting a feel for the word that, with the exception of one, none of them knew the meaning of. In case you're wondering, I did in fact explain it to them, but told them that they should also ask their parents. They returned this weekend and told me that over half their parents said the word didn't exist. The class have now learnt two things: that cunt is the baddest of the bad words (which is why I love it so) and, perhaps more importantly, that their parents are liars and cannot be trusted from this day forth. I have a warm glow. I am an educator. I make better people. Contact me for my rates.

I am still fascinated by this map:

Check out our Frappr!

I want more people. It's like collecting bubble gum cards and I've only 31.

Lastly, the questions and answers about Australian speculative fiction has been linked around a bit in a few days, and it's bought in some conversation and traffic. I'm linking it here because it's a big post and some of you might've skipped it, but also because it's likely that I won't be talking about this topic any time soon again. I can feel myself getting a bit repetitive, so it might be best to let the topic lie for a while.
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