November 10th, 2005


Observation #30045

It's November and I don't know much about the world and people in it, it's true. But I'm figuring this Summer is going to full of fire. Red skylines for the New Year.
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    Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine


So, I just spent five minutes, and then upon my return, ten minutes, at a busy intersection covered in manure. It's a nasty, unpleasant day and there is shit all over the fucking road, and I was stopped twice in it. The first time was enough for the smell to get everywhere. The second time it just became a sexual fetish on my car. Next to me the bus driver had a handkerchief over his nose and peered angrily at the lights and traffic. Across the road, a woman had her shirt pulled over her nose and was slouched down in her seat, as if it'd make a difference. Winding up or down the windows were all bad choices. The air con was on before I drove into it and, as I said, it's all through the car. And when I say the car, I mean my car. It's all through my car. Turning the air off just makes it worse, cause it sits there, stagnant and nasty in the muggy heat. This just ain't fucking right. But it's worse: an hour before, I removed a virus from my computer. Where the fuck that come from? Didn't do any damage, but the karma of the world is building, since, a couple of hours before that, the Tax Department decided that it would play First World Country and I would play Third World Country with Crippling Debt and Inability to Earn Millions of Dollars and told me that I owed it money.

Take a guess what kind of day today is.