November 2nd, 2005


Today's Writing Advice.

"The reputations we gather for ourselves through publication are rather like the reputations we gather when our sex lives become public. Go everywhere, fuck everyone, do everything, and you'll get no respect. People might talk, sure, and the trashy men and women who buy and sell you on the cheap will think well of you, Hawaiian shirt and comb over and all that. But trash is easy to forget. Trash gets cleaned away once the moment is over and a body of work that is built on trash is, ultimately, trash. If, however, you're selective, have a criteria that must be met, and publish selectively, then your work will, slowly, begin to gain respect. And if people respect you there are more opportunities for you and your work."

Said by me, today.

I think I'd compare publication to working in the porn industry, though, if I gave the lecture again. Always missing my best moments by a fraction, I tell you. Still, it must be said that it is advice I've ignored from time to time, because occasionally it's just fun to fuck, and if you can't have fun, then what's the point?
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