October 27th, 2005


Question for Everyone.

Recently, a copy of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys arrived. It'll probably get reading when I need some empty brain space in the next few weeks, since I quite like Gaiman in that candy way.

But what surprised me with the book was that it came with an 'extras' section, rather like the extras on a DVD. A cheap DVD, sure, but there is a deleted scene, extracts from Gaiman's notebook, an interview, and some reading group discussion questions. I've always thought the last was a bit ridiculous, since people are quite capable of discussing a book amongst themselves in their own way. If you need prompts, perhaps reading something as candy like as a Gaiman novel isn't what you should be doing here, y'know?

But never mind that, it was the deleted scene and notebook photocopies that struck me of interest, and got me thinking about the idea of actually having an extras section in the Dialogues chapbook that myself and K. are getting together, finally, after a few fits and starts. Mentioning that here will probably be the death of it, but just in case anyone remembers, there you go. (A pair of them were used in the experimental writing cause I tute in this semester, and they seemed to go well, which gave me a bit of renewed faith, plus K's participation have been quite inspirational.) Anyhow, what I'm thinking with the extras is an intimate section with the creators at the back of the book that complimented the work, perhaps, with offcuts and commentary about the creation.

I know a lot of you buy DVDS for the extras, so I'm wondering what, if anything, you would like to see in the extra section of prose work?

Give me your thoughts.
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