September 28th, 2005


The High Road

Bit pressed for time getting everything finished for when I take off on Saturday morning, so nothing big in the way of blogging this week. However, his a link hit for you: Bettye LaVette's The High Road. Sparse, intense soul. Real cool stuff. I've an instant connection and I downloaded it ten minutes ago. Grab yourself a copy.
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    Bettye Lavette - The High Road

Lynda Likes Zombies

Lynda Hawryluk has a livejournal. She is now Lynda Hawryluk (lyndahawryluk) forever more.

Lynda, or Dr Lynda as she is occasionally known in the circles where she prescribes laudanum to innocents, taught creative writing with me last year. We had important discussions about Batman's cape, without laudanum. In addition to this, she's also a performance poet with a collection out called Sub-Urban Poems. But the real reason you should friend up Lynda is because has an absolute love for trash culture that is simply amazing. It's beautiful to behold. She once watched the entire Academy Award ceremony, for one thing. Without laudanum.

Lynda also likes zombies.

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    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shuffle Your Feet