September 22nd, 2005


Burn the Sky

Two photos up at VanderWorld.

It's been a curious experience blogging here and there. I've been curious to see if I'd get a jump in audience, but the stats are reading about the same each day, so it doesn't look like it. A few additions to the friendslist brings it to a hundred and fifty now, which is some sort of number, I guess. I figure maybe half of that read the blog regularly--maybe less, depending on the time and day and all sorts of variables. At any rate, there's a nice little solid readership here, and part of me wants to serve you guys too. Are you all checking out the VanderWorld posts? Do you even read guest bloggers, or do you just phase out when the regular blogger disappears, kind of like when presenters go on holidays?

Today's quote comes from performance poet Lynda Hawryluk. I met Lynda last year when she tutored in the experimental writing course that I'm tutoring in, again, this year. At the end of the year Lynda took off to some disgustingly distant place in Queensland where it's reported that she runs over wildlife and has young boys bring her food on silver trays. She send me photos. I am compiling a book to blackmail Doctor Hawryluk at a later time. This is all I will say about it. Late last year Lynda had a book of poetry put out called Sub-Urban Poems, which, to me, captures that poetry read in pubs feel--but in a good way. The other quote I wanted to use came from a poem called 'Ain't No Bohemian'

But you, you ain't no bohemian either
Because you know the way to The Establishment
And you've actually been inside
You sip lattes in Starbucks and have late night McDonald's runs
And try not to let people know you weren't born in Newtown

It didn't quite fit with the post, however. But I think we've all had this moment if you've been in Sydney long enough. Anyhow, the only other thing to add here is that Lynda really, really needs to get a blog.