September 21st, 2005


Failure Is Quick.

I've given up on the commentary thing for my posts at VanderWorld. No one seemed to care and I've got a few other things to post about. Plus, once was funny, but twice seemed boring. Story of my life, really.

Yesterday I gave a lecture featuring two of the Dialogues , and it appeared to go down pretty well. I base this off the fact that no one walked out, and no one spent the hour yawning in my general direction. Plus, at the end, one guy asked me when my book was coming out. That was nice. Today I'm giving another where the lecture suddenly dissolves into a piece of landscape graffiti, which should be interesting.

New post up at VanderWorld.

I've decided, that at the front of all my posts there, I'm going to quote something from an Australian. Author, musician, public figure, whatever. I'm pretty much just going grab what I like at the time, with the only criteria being that they've got to be Australian based, and go with it. Jeff's blog has a different audience to mine, so if I can help some of the smaller, unknown work get out, that'll be a neatness. Today's quote comes from Pio, the Melbourne based performance poet who wrote 24 Hours. I wrote about the book a couple of months back but it's a really fine thing and should be read by more. Assuming this idea doesn't go the way of the commentary, I'll spend a bit of time talking about the people I quote here.

That said, if you've got someone you'd like to quote and talk about here, so long as they're Australian, here's your chance. Leave a message. I reserve the right to say no, of course, but I'm always into finding new things so I'm curious anyhow.