September 2nd, 2005


Lost Frogs (The Katrina Coverage Here)

Watch the news channels in Sydney long enough and you start to think that what has happened in Katrina's aftermath is that the poor and black people that live in New Orleans have been left to die after being branded as savages, while George W. Bush tells the rest of the country, "Don't use gas if you don't need it. We're working to get those pipelines back to full capacity so y'all can drive to the supermarket."

There is a heap of media coverage of the disaster, naturally, and off the web, the talk is about how people are doing bad, bad things, pausing only to note that some sort of rescue is going on. Good thing there's the net. But the thing that I think while watching both is how strange it is that so much footage and coverage has come out, but how so little aid and help has gone in. I though the same thing during the Tsunami.

The first photo is from flickr, the second a news service. But I like the first: it was taken after Katrina, and it's sad and humane and speaks to the human element that has been lifted and tossed and ruined. A lost frog clinging to a window for safety, for life, for someone to come and rescue it. It doesn't care about race or politics or the price of gasoline. It just wants to be safe.
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