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August 10th, 2005

Dialogues Update.

Looks like the plan to work the Dialogues into a chapbook is dead.

Or just about, anyway. Since the artist involved no longer replies to emails, and is caught up in a directing a play and life, I figure that's it for him. It's a shame, but it's how it sometimes goes, really. It's especially the case when you're unable to pay upfront and cannot promise publication at the end. And indeed, faced with that and the reaccuring thought that the Dialogues chapbook is outside my usual genre area, which might make it a little more difficult to sell and who the fuck would take it on and all those doubts that creep in after five months since I figured it would be a good idea but nothing even inched forward... Well, I'm struggling to find a reason to look for another artist and try again.

Still, people did seem to like it. People wrote and said nice things, including author like people who I have no relationship with. Someone said I should give a paper using them. They've snuck into a creative writing course reader. They've proven to have a bit of leg, y'know?