August 9th, 2005


Discussing Jesus' Cock.

"The Circumcision became increasingly popular as a subject for painting in the Renaissance and yet Christ is never shown to have a circumcised penis... However, may it not also be because to show him circumcised would have been to show him Jewish (and, indeed, in this particular like the other infidel, Muslim)?"

There really isn't enough discussion about the importance of Jesus' cock, is there?

(the quote is from Richard Dyer's WHITE)

Jesus' Circumcised Penis and Other Weird Facts.

You know, I've posted some weird shit to this blog, but I think I've reached a new level today with a painting of Jesus Being Circumcised:

From the Travel Blog. Apparently, since Jesus did get circumcised and it was one of those paintings people would order and put up on the wall, one of the questions during that time when everyone wanted a finger bone or piece of the true cross to keep them safe, was, "What really happened to the holy foreskin of Jesus Christ?"

Well, apparently it went round to a few Apostles and Romans then to the French, but no one knows where it is now. How shocking. As bizarre as this line of thinking is, there was some strange Saint who thought it materialised in front of her and she would taste it. As you do when the foreskin of Jesus materialises before you. And, take note, it was a tasty thing and she swallowed it right down (well, actually, it went down her throat by itself). But perhaps even weirder than that--I know, I find it difficult to believe and I'm typing this--is that Jesus' Mum, Mary, "carried Her son's severed foreskin with Her all her life like some precious treasure. That way, the legend went, she would have been able to again accept Christ on the Day of Judgment. The point was that Jesus would appear before God, His Father, both spiritually and physically intact. Hence, it was important that He be re-united with his severed prepuce!"

That's just some really weird shit and I hope it's all true..