August 3rd, 2005


First Story Sold Meme

"Describe the first story you ever sold to any publication. What was the title of the story? The name of the publication? The plot? The public reception to your work?"

I sold my first story ten years ago. I was eighteen at the time and I was spending most of my time avoiding the question of employment and trying to steal my friend's girlfriend. Looking back, I'm surprised I took any time out from that to write, but I did. The story was called 'Burning with the Cursed' and the role playing magazine Australian Realms bought it. This despite the fact that it had been years since I had done any gaming and had no desire to do it again. But I found the magazine in the local newsagent, and the art was pretty cool, and they were looking for writers, and I wanted to be a writer, so I wrote a story about an alcoholic mercenary and a woman who was possessed by a sword that fueled her desire for revenge to the point that she basically went around the world killing magicians. It was absolute rubbish and they wanted a sequel.

I never wrote that because, as it occasionally happens, the magazine folded before the first story was printed. It was a shame, but shortly after I had a few stories and a bit of poetry published and sold, so there was no turning back for me; but I've still got that first acceptance letter and the memory that the fiction editor at Australian Realms was quite helpful and supportive. He probably suspected that I was eighteen and knew fuck all about writing and girls.

From douglain