July 31st, 2005


Hal Duncan's Vellum extract (something for your Sunday night)

From the Great Beyond she heard it, coming from the Deep Within. From the Great Beyond the goddess heard it, coming from the Deep Within. From the Great Beyond Inanna heard it, coming from the Deep Within.

In preparation for World Con, where books will be launched and publishers and authors give handjobs in the back end of bars in Glasgow, Infinity Plus has put together a sample of things to pimp the Scottish side of things. One of them is an extract from Vellum, by Hal Duncan. By all accounts it's a book that is getting a fair bit of a push overseas--the publisher calls it special and compares Duncan to Iain Banks on Amazon UK--which is usually the kind of thing that puts me off, to be honest. Fortunately my mind hasn't had to absorb much, and the book itself, a mash of a Heaven and Hell conflicts plot/conspiracy, the future, past, and everything inbetween and with Gods on the move in a non linear narrative... well, it sounds like one of those things that if it works, will really work. And if it fails, it'll fail in one of those truly special ways, which is also an attraction. Fail with ambition, I say.

The extract is here. It doesn't tell you much about the book, but as a taste test, I liked it. At the very least, it references the Stooges and I can dig that.
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