July 26th, 2005


Return to the Cold

University kicks back and, this time, so does work. Got given the course reader which features two of the Street Conversation (Dialogue) pieces. The photocopy turned the image of Jesus in a dark mess punctuated by two headlights that look like a painter's full stop. Such is life, though Jesus will be disappointed to here he's no longer part of course. (And by Jesus, I mean my friend who dressed up as Jesus and walked through the streets of Stanmore, and is thus referred to by that name here until the end of time. There is no other Jesus. All others are simply pretenders to the title.) The one thing I wasn't prepared for in the reader was to see this blog listed in it, but it's no real hassle. I'll just have to refrain from calling everyone cunts, unless it becomes an Important Teaching Point like last year. I've only got a couple of classes this semester, which is good, as it will allow me to keep working on the thesis, which, by the way, is now known as A Year in the City, and will remain so, i think. If you've picked up the Years Best Australian collection from Continuum, where I believe it was available, and you read 'The Dreaming City', you'll see that the thesis/novel that it forms the opening for is called A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City, a title which I tossed about a week after I emailed that to Bill Congreve.

You know, I like the teaching and writing and all that, but really, today, I'd rather be playing video games. Lastly, if anyone tells you that the peanut butter Kit Kat is nice, they're on crack, and that's why they're saying that.

Everything tastes better on crack.

Observation #7091

"When the imagination is given sight by passion, it sees darkness as well as light. To feel so ferociously is to feel contempt as well as pride, hatred as well as love."

--Salman Rushdie.
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