July 20th, 2005


Man Dies Fucking A Horse.

I saw this on bookslut, but the details were pretty much what I have in the title. It failed to mention, for example, that "that the man -- who died of internal bleeding from anal sex with the animal -- died after visiting a farm in nearby Enumclaw that attracted "a significant number of people" looking to engage in bestiality."

A farm for bestiality. Yes. Naturally. Nothing's more normal out in rural life, of course. By the way, shockingly, the internet is involved: "The farm was discussed in Internet chat rooms as a "destination" spot for people looking to have sex with animals. She [Sullivan] reported that this prompted an investigation into whether the chickens, goats and sheep on the property had also been victimized."

"When they searched the farm, police had found hundreds of hours of videotape showing men having sex with horses. Police are still making sure that sex was not forced on the smaller, weaker animals, thus constituting animal cruelty (which is a crime). Investigators are also checking to see if other crimes like child abuse or rape occurred on the premises."

Clearly, being a cop without this fetish today, sucks.

But the best bit in this article, is this, where apparently "Washington is one of 17 states that does not outlaw bestiality, [so] having sex with a horse is not a crime and his death will not be investigated."

Full thing here.

Edit: mariness listed the link to the wikipedia entry for Zoophilia, which is really kinda fascinating. It's legal in the ACT, did you know? Check it.
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Instant Messenger (theburnproject)

After years of not using my old AOL IM account, I killed it and made a new one. Don't reckon anyone could remember the old one now, and a lot of people I knew back then I don't now, so it's no loss. So: if you've an IM and you want to add me up, i go under the sexy handle of 'theburnproject' for no real reason other than the words looked nice together, and because my real name has been stolen.

I'm the victim of identity theft. Anyone pretending to be me needs to be saved by God. See to it.
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