July 13th, 2005


The Melbourne Exodus and Kicking INXS

I never thought of INXS as a world band (or as an interesting band), but apparently other people do. I'm sure that'll change soon enough, as Rock Star: INXS has just begun. You just can't be a credible rock group and have a reality tv show to find a new singer. Reality tv is the home of the washed up rock star or, in the case of Bobby Brown, the wife beating rappers.

Today is a bit of a mismatch mix of events as I try to settle things up for the next couple of days. I've a workshop to run, for starters.

Meanwhile, most of the Australian Spec Fic scene is heading to Melbourne for Continuum. I won't be there, which I'm sure is shocking, since my convention attendance stands at one, last year. Still, even if I had planned to go this year, the real world would have ensured that I'd be staying in Sydney. It's a busy next couple of days, though I'd chuck in the work as an extra if I didn't need the money so much.

I've been thinking, finally, of making some icons. I've never really had the itch for icons, but lately I've been thinking a few would be the way to go. Anyone got any ideas?
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Just A Complaint and Casual Cruelty

What a toss. If I wanted to go watch Mercury Rev while they were in the country, I would have to toss ninety bucks up to go and see the Finn Brothers at the Opera House, since Mercury Rev are opening for them.

The Finn Brothers bore me. Always have. The drummer's suicide wasn't enough.
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