July 9th, 2005


Don't Dream Alone In White

It must be frustrating to be one of the people responsible for the bombs in London. A couple of days later, and the British response can be summed up by an elderly lady at morning tea saying, "Please, you call that a bombing? I've had a bad pot of tea that caused more horror."

It's been good to see. The attacks were not on the scale of September the 11th, but when they were first reported, the media were stepping easily into the narrative that allowed them to push that. In Australia, our media followed the same pattern in response to the Bali Bombing on October the 12th. Now that I've seen the British response, which has been nothing short of admirable, I think we missed something by not getting up and saying, "Come on, you call that an explosion? I've opened warm beer than caused more damage."

It's Saturday night. I'm writing academic words. It's like pulling teeth out of my mouth with tongs that have rusted black and flake with every movement. Thank you for asking.

(EDIt: Image removed this morning because it bored me.)
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