July 8th, 2005


Are You Safe Enough?

I took this on the bus today.

This poster is part of a series. The second one (and there might be more than two, but I didn't see it) shows a man and woman sitting at a dinner table. It's your pretty regular, heterosexual safe sex campaign thing. But what strikes me about this poster pictured, is the thinking behind it. At first, I thought, hey, excellent, this poster is telling women to buy condoms. Fucking A! That's a load off my mind, cause lord knows it's ever so difficult to buy some rubber these days. But then I thought, no, wait, maybe it's trying to make me think of sex--I mean, these are two kind of attractive dancing girls. I think of sex whenever i see two dancing girls, don't I? I must. So: When I think of two girls dancing, I should think sex, followed by condoms. Naturally. But then I wondered if this meant only if I was faced with two caucasian dancing girls. I mean, what if I saw a caucasian girl and an asian girl? No condoms? Just a condom for the white girl? What if there was no white girl? Did that mean that I wouldn't have to worry about this? And was this really a poster promoting same sex relationships? How sneaky, I thought, until I realised what it was really promoting was group sex.

Obviously, it's all about making me buy boxes of condoms in preparation of the day I stand next to two dancing white girls who want to fuck me. Right. Gotcha. I'll be ready State Sponsored Poster. There'll be no syphilis for me.