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June 13th, 2005

Visits by the Secret Service.

In America, land of the free, jlassen, was visited by the Secret Service. You might've seen the link last week, but I didn't post that because details were a bit scarce, and it's better to read things from the source.

Reading it makes me happy not to be American.

Ditmar Awards

For those of you curious, here are the results of the Ditmar Awards, which were announced on the weekend.

Best Short Fiction: Singing My Sister Down, Margo Lanagan

Best Novella: Last Day of Kali Yuga, Paul Haines

Best Collected Work: Black Juice, Margo Lanagan

Best Novel: Crooked Letter, Sean Williams

Best Artwork: Karri Valkova for the cover of The Black Crusade

Best Professional Achievement: Clarion South

Fan Achievement: Conflux

Fan Artist: Sarah Xu

Fanzine: Bullsheet

Fan Writer:  Bruce Gillespie

Atheling: joint winners Rob Hood and Jason Nahrung

Best New Talent: Paul Haines


The  Peter MacNamara Achievement Award was won by Jonathan Strahan.

In case you don't remember, I was up for short fiction and the atheling, which means I didn't win, but that's cool. Not winning awards is the easiest of information to digest. Nothing simpler, and since I've done it more than a few times now, it's simpler still. Though it does appear that I am the only person who thinks the cover of The Black Crusade is absolutely hideous.

Go figure.