May 23rd, 2005


Audioslave, Out of Exile.


I think I have some left. At some point during my weekend, I ended up with a copy of Audioslave's new album, Out of Exile. It's actually more interesting than their first album was, in the fact that they sound like a band on this outing, rather than guys from two different albums as they did first time up. I saw them live last a couple of years ago, and they actually gelled real well on stage, much more so than the debut album suggested, and you can see that here. In addition, Cornell, either revitalised by being fresh out of drug rehab, or just not drunk, has written more passable lyrics this time, so at no stage do you have to listen to the equivalent of "I am the highway!" screamed out and try and ignore the fact that it's really, really kind of stupid. Of course, lyrics have never been Cornell's strong point, but the man can sing, and that takes him across the line by a long stretch... and really, with Audioslave, you're buying the beats and screams and rhythm, which is, outside Cornell's vocal side, supplied by the band that was once Rage Against the Machine. They've always played well, but on Out of Exile they don't sound like the band that was once Rage Against the Machine, but rather the band that is Audioslave.

It's a solid album. The kind of thing you can spin a couple of times in a row, no sweat. It's a slower album that the first, and I think it could have done with a few more stomping tracks, which caused me to vaguely dislike it on first spin, but it really does grow on you the second and third and fourth.