May 19th, 2005


The Science Fiction is Dead T-Shirt.

A few weeks ago, I decided what the world really needed was another vaguely witty shirt that none but myself would wear. Perhaps not even that. I'm not real big on logos, after all. Still: what I was really hoping for was that someone else would design it, spare me the work, and deal with all the issues surrounding it, because I'm lazy. But that didn't happen.

So, oddly and amusing enough, I made it myself.

As I write, science fiction people are lining up all over the world to see Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the end of what is the largest science fiction thing ever. At the end of the two and a half hours, some will cry, some will curse, and a bunch will buy tickets again. That's the world for you. Way I figure, even if you like the films or hate the films or just don't really give a shit either way, this shirt is for you. Hell, maybe you never recovered after you found out that Isaac Asimov died of AIDS. And even if that's not the case, what do I care? I just made a logo and whacked it into the cafepress site and suddenly it's all over t-shirts and mugs and bags.

You want one, go here.
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Episode III: Revenge of the Sith


I went and saw Revenge of the Sith. I liked it, but then, you know, I liked The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, so make of that what you will. To me, all the prequels are on par quality wise with the originals, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is clearly on crack. To quote Alec Guinness, "I just couldn't go on speaking those bloody awful, banal lines."

I'm not into dissecting Star Wars films, possibly because the seven year old in me won't have none of it. The films are for him and the adult part of me just gets up and leaves for the duration of them. So I've nothing to say, really, about anything in the film, except to note how surprised I was by how much I wanted to watch A New Hope at the end of it. The set up bridge at in the third film for the fourth (the original) was, really, quite impressive. Outside that, what is there to say? It's bigger. It's beautiful imagery. And when the lightsabers break out, the child in me is nurtured.