April 23rd, 2005


Jae Lee's Hellshock.

Jae Lee's Hellshock has finally been completed and will be published in July.

There probably aren't many people reading this blog that remember Hellshock. It was published in the mid nineties, just about the time I was discovering comics, and while it had two series, I don't remember either of them going beyond three issues each. Still, it was my first exposure to Jae Lee's beautiful art (which has, by the image I linked, only grown stronger), and I've always found it a shame that he has done so much superhero work, much of which I simply have had no interest in reading. Hellshock, however, is not one of his superhero works, and is instead a dark gothic thing of immense beauty.

While I'm at it, I'd like to point you to Geoff Darrow's Shaolin Cowboy. The plot appears to be that everyone wants to kill the Shaolin Cowboy, including King Crab, who is, you know, a crab. The plot is paper thin, but plot is never the point with Geoff Darrow. It's a beautiful, fun thing with people getting their heads cut off, hearts punched out with swords, and chests ripped open by a psychopathic crab who has been kicked through them and into the trunk of an old car by the Shaolin Cowboy.