April 19th, 2005


The Regular Show.

Well, now that the last week is over, it's back to the regular kind of shit.

The blog snapshot thing was a little on the intense side, but for those of you who were paying attention before that (and those of you who are new are forgiven for not) I finished the beta draft of A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City, girly Japanese pen and all. It clocks in round a hundred thousand words at the moment, though there's a bit more work to be done once people finish reading it and tell me what's broken and doesn't work and is repeated too much. Which is what you expect with this kind of thing. Me, I'm just feeling glad to have gotten it out of my life for the moment. I've no idea about it at all quality wise, so I need some space.

I'm now spending a week sitting round and doing nothing, before I end up in an office at the University. I have a key and the printing privileges that come with said key, so I guess I'm expected to go out there and do research. Fair enough. Time to face that. My office buddy, who wasn't there when I went in, had a lot of little bits of popculture lying round. The most eye catching of it was the child sized blow up of Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, all bright reds and big eyes. I suppose the fact that it kind of looked like an anime geek turned pedophiles sex toy wet dream is more an indication of my twisted mind than anything else, really.

Anyhow, what can I say, except, here's the regular show.

Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)

I figured this deserved it's own entry. My story 'Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)' is now live at Shadowed Realms. It's a darkly comedic little thing about working for a magician, Reagan's funeral and, of course, Johnny Cash. It's told in questionnaire results, and has been given a neat layout by Angela and Shane, the folk at Shadowed Realms. You can't spend the next ten minutes of your life in a more interesting way unless you've got a bowl of cocaine held on a midget's head right in front of you.

Do the click.

EDIT: Evidently, if you're using anything other than IE, the format is fucked. So switch back to IE when you got to read it, if you can.

EDIT AGAIN: By all accounts the problem has been fixed. Use the browser you wish.
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