February 18th, 2005


Observation #71

Let me just say: if you're an employer, it's an unnecessary tease to send an official like document that, on the detail on the envelope, looks like a pay slip, but in fact turns out to be a letter informing your employee that he will be paid next week.
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Know Your Enemy.

This happened a few hours ago. I've taken to walking round with the digital camera, just as I used to do with disposables when I was putting together the Urban Sprawl Project. You never know what you might come across, basically. Well, I came across this out in Blacktown. It's down from the train station, across from the Salvation Army building and the bowling alley and the CES building.* There's a mosque out behind it, too, but this caught my attention right away due to my cynical nature. I took a few shots of it. When I began, there were a couple of people sitting outside the door, and they glanced at me, but I ignored them.

After a couple of shots, I disappeared to get some of the mosque, just for the fuck of it. Then I made my way back round, heading for the car, and I stopped and took a couple more. The one you're seeing is a cut down version of the first shot I took, where I basically cut out some wire fence and building. It's odd how the first one is the one I usually stick with. Chalk it up to amateur ethics, I guess.

Anyhow, this time, however, a guy comes out calling to me. He's this small, roundish man, and reminds me a little of the American actor Michael Badalucco. Imagine an Australian sounding version of him and you're right on. Anyhow, he waddles along, calling out to me, and I turn and pull out my headphones and say, "Yeah?"

"Can I ask you who you're taking these photos for?"


"Yourself?" He didn't look like he believed me.

"Yeah." Knowing that this wasn't going to be a good enough explanation, I add, "Don't you think there's something funny about those windows--"

"We're getting them fixed!" he spits. "We can't help if they're broken."

"Sure, wasn't saying that. Just saying that there's something funny about it."

He eyes me through the mesh fence, and it's not friendly. I got the feeling that what he really wanted to do was rip the camera out of my hands and pull the film out, like an old, angry movie star. Shame about that on so many levels. Finally, he says, "You know that you need a permit to take photos of buildings, don't you?"

"A permit?"

"Well, permission." He frowns. "You need to ask. It's suspicious to just walk around a building and take photos of it."

"It is?"


"Well, I just thought the sign and windows was funny, man. That's all."

"You just look suspicious doing that."

"I look suspicious?"


The conversation wasn't really go anywhere, so I shrugged, said, "They're just for myself," and that sort of settled it. Turning, I began walking back through the car park, and you know, I didn't turn round, but I could have sworn that he watched me all the way. Cause, you know, I'm a suspicious looking fellow, yes I am.

* Note: if you work for the CES in Family Planning or anywhere in that building, kill yourself now. You're part of the problem.
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