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February 17th, 2005


I don't reread often. Publishers are a business, and like most, they're out for cash, not the creation of culture. It's a bit of an unnecessary blanket statement rather than an explanation for not rereading, but still... anyhow, authors are like a disease, and there are more every year, or so it seems to me, and in the statistical numbers there are more than enough books printed each year for me to be constantly in the new.* Truth is, I'll never read everything I want before I die. Thus, rereading always feels like it has come at the cost of a new book, a new author. But despite this, there is a joy in rereading, an ability to linger over words and phrases and find hidden moments and meaning that you missed the first time. Rereading isn't something to be ignored totally, and I guess I ought to remember that at times.

"Nobody came in, nobody called, nothing happened, nobody cared whether I died or went to El Paso."

--Raymond Chandler, the High Window.

* By this, I also mean books published ten or fifteen years ago that I never read. Reprinting is still publishing.

That Special Man.

It was a lot easier to find Jesus than you might think.

I was a bit surprised, I think, that no one asked me how I found Jesus. You all just took it for granted that I would ask for him and, seconds later, find that I've Jesus by my side, in clean robes and everything. I mean, come on, this is Jesus. He's a busy guy. He's got bills to pay, a place in Stanmore to look after, and a boyfriend to keep happy. You just don't ring the guy up and say, "You willing to do something for me? I can't pay you or anything like that, but it'll help me with a project I'm working on." Well, maybe it was me who thought it would be slightly more difficult. I'm a bit of a glass is half empty kind of guy. Truth is, Jesus offered to be there. That's because, if you haven't figured it out, Jesus is super cool and a giver. If you don't believe me, check out the books. There's a few. Jesus does a fine autograph, too, with little angels in the corner of his name.

Still, there were some people shocked to see Jesus out and walking around. I guess the truth is that Jesus is a bit on the fashionable side, and he knows that you really can't go out to your job in robes. That was fine a couple of thousand years ago, sure, bu it was the fashion then. Nowadays, Jesus likes a nice shirt, a haircut, and a clean shave. Still, when he stepped out onto the street with the classic Jesus wear, people were shocked. Within a minute, a car had slowed down and people were staring at him through the windows, their mouths open and eyes wide, their expressions coloured red by the brake lights.

They looked a little worried, if you ask me.

Life Note.

Quick note. Apparently a bit of email has gone astray to my gmail account in the last week, so if you sent me something and haven't heard back, it's probably not here. Wouldn't think anything of it, except a couple of people have said to me 'Did you get my email about...' and today livejournal is sending notices some six to five hours after the fact. So, figure I'll drop this up in case I'm missing anyone.

Exorcist Course at the Vatican.

"The Vatican university is launching a new course for exorcists - Roman Catholic priests who cast out evil spirits from the possessed.

Lessons at the prestigious Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum will include the history of Satanism and its context in the Bible.

Practical lessons in psychology and the law will also feature.

Concern is high in Italy about the influence of Satanic cults - especially among the young and impressionable.

And there will also be seminars at the Athenaeum, or Upra as it is known, on the spiritual, liturgical and pastoral work involved in being an exorcist."

From the BBC.

(You ever get the feeling that some days there are just themes to your blogging? I'm going to go and call Jesus and see what he thinks about this. Maybe he can get a teaching job.)