January 9th, 2005


Against Hollywood

The soulless monkey men from Hollywood have remade Assault On Precinct 13.

I had a much longer and original post here, but I've deleted it, because I didn't like it. It was rantish. It was pointless. In its place is this decision. It's a simple one: no more remakes. I am making a movie going life decision, and it's simple: No More Remakes. I'm tired of Hollywood raping the past for bland moments of the future that they'll rape later for millions of dollars. So, from now on, I refuse to watch remakes. 2005 has become the Year of Fuck Hollywood.

I'm beginning with remakes. There might be more.*

* Yes, I'm aware it'll likely result in nothing. But fuck it. They (studios and film makers) toss millions into it and get millions back, but I get nothing from it, not even a moment of satisfaction, so that's it. No more.