January 6th, 2005


Livejournal Bought.

"Six Apart Ltd., the small software firm founded by childhood sweethearts Ben and Mena Trott, is set to make a big splash with the acquisition of Danga Interactive Inc.'s LiveJournal blogging network."


No idea what it'll mean on our end, however.

EDIT: Nothing much will be changing, I suspect. The guy who owned livejournal will still be round, the community base will staying the same... See what is said here. I'm figuring there is no hassle. Shit like this happens every day in corporate worlds, and Six Apart appear to be fair enough. But, y'know, time will tell, and so far I've been happy with the livejournal choices made, and I've no reasons to think this'll be different.

This is from Six Apart.


Today was a shit day for my plans as a writer. My laptop decided it hated me, and there was much bitterness and threats involving machinery that grinds and smashes and breaks. As a result, my afternoon was lost in violence.
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