December 22nd, 2004


What December 30th is Not.

On the 30th of December, this livejournal will not be supporting Talk Like Fucking Gollum Day.

In fact, this livejournal will be enjoying a Lets Ridicule Tolkien Day. Instead of trying to force a committee to give Andy Serkis an award for jumping round like a monkey in a suit and then being remade digitally with big come fuck me anime eyes (which is what the original day is in support of), I will sit here and look down upon those who are by making fun of Tolkien. I will do this because I am an unpleasant man who boils children and, most importantly, dislikes Tolkien immensely.*

So, if like me, you dread the white noise chatter of a thousand and one bad Gollum impersonations, feel free to join me in making fun at the Tolkien sacred cow.

* I have nothing against the film, so I will not be sitting around and ridiculing it.

However, I would like to point out that Andy Serkis as the digitally painted Gollum was really kind of annoying. I mean, how many times did I have to watch 'Oh look, Gollum is bad. No, he's good. No, he's against us. No, I good, no, I bad...' That shit got real tired real fucking quickly.
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