November 22nd, 2004


Free Fare Day?

Today was (and is) Fare Free day on State Rail.

It's a protest, due to the current condition of State Rail. Personally, I don't understand the need for it. I've been riding the Sydney rail system for much too long a time, and it has always sucked. It's late, it's over priced, it never has enough carriages or seats or windows that open, it's jammed with people during peak hour, people suck, the people and carriages smell, there are strangely no bins on the busiest platforms, rail police are miniature fucking nazis on an obscene power trip in their grey uniforms... and look, I could just go on. I was born in Sydney. I've lived in the city my entire life. This is what I know to be a fact: State Rail is a piece of shit. It's been shit since the days of red rattlers and hanging out the doors feeling the wind rush past. Asked if there should be better service on it, I'd say sure, but I'd also tell you that the money could be spent more wisely in hospitals or public schools or providing a public bus service in the Western Suburbs, where the lowest economic rung of Sydney lives.

I mean, really, it's just obscene that there's a private bus company in the West.

But, anyhow, this year has been the media circus on what a pile of shit State Rail is. Possibly because focusing on real issues is beyond the local news services, but I digress into a laneway of cynicism. The fact is, it was free fare day on the trains today, and I had some things to pick up in and around the city, so I got to ride the trains for free due to the protest that had been organised and then supported by the man who has left his slimy trails all over the city, Boss Bob Carr.

Power to the people, man.
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Livejournal Answering Machine.

Taking off for a few days to train midgets somewhere in the Congo. Top secret stuff. I'll be back at the end of the week, though I can be reached through email and phone, if necessary. Unless, of course, I'm eaten by one of the midgets which happened once before, in the early nineties.

All I can say is that they file their teeth and chew thoroughly.
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