October 11th, 2004


Shatner's Has Been

In my morning journey of photocopying and being forced to experience the world, I picked up William Shatner's new album, Has Been. Folks who've been reading this blog for a while will remember my disturbing love for his cover of Pulp's 'Common People', which can be downloaded from here. You can now download 'You'll Have Time' (or a sample of it) from the site, too, which shows the other side of the album. This other side is--and I shit you not--Shatner's own stripped back, spoken word pieces and songs about his life, often in a raw, personal way. The song 'What Have You Done', is the best example of this. Working as a foil for moments against this (and I have to admit to wanting to foil) are songs that follow the cover of 'Common People' and play with a dry, laid back humour.

"I want you to be you
Don't change because you think I might like you
  to be different
I fell in love with you
I don't want you blonde
I don't want you not to swear
Not to sweat
It's you I fell in love with
Your turn of phrase
Your sensitivity
Your irrational moods

Well, maybe that could go."

I'm on my fourth spin of the album, and I'm finding myself enjoying it at a disturbing level. I might even admit to having a new found respect for old Shatner.


Yeah, okay, please remove me from the good taste, artistic roll call at the earliest point.

Thank you.
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post election observation.

in the last couple of days since the election, i've been a little disturbed to note the emergence of the religious right, in the form of the family first party. now, after touring through their site and having a look around, i don't actually think that the party is much different than that of the coalition or labor. they even state that they plan to keep god out of it, but i've got to admit that my non-voter stand is taking a bit of a look around, and saying, "but they're a religious right party?"

god, as they say, is in the details.

now, few things piss me off more than religious stupidity, which is nearly always found in the religious right. witness, for example, the denial of basic rights to homosexuals. the stupidity lurks in the bones. it's in the fingers that clutch pens and scrawl signatures.

before the election, i hadn't heard much of family first, and australian politics isn't much for preaching the word of god in any of the parties. religion is there, naturally. you could see it when the coalition pushed through a bill to make gay marriage illegal (and labor supported it) but it's just the mark of your general conservatism. it's two puppets speaking. yet, family first doesn't (didn't?) have a strong presence in sydney, so i must admit to being somewhat dismissive of them even when they were listed as bedmates for howard. but i can't help but note that now, it appears, that after their strong showing in this election, family first may indeed hold the balance of power in the senate.

this does not please me.

time will reveal how the next election plays for me.

Celebrities Dropping Like Dead Weights

Christopher Reeves is dead. I never much liked Reeves the actor, but the funniest thing I ever saw was an episode of South Park, where Reeves ate baby fetus' to regain his movement. He'd crack fetus skeletons open like crab shells. Eventually, drunk with this new, evil power, he turned into a super villain that was eventually stopped by Gene Hackman.

Suppose that's in bad taste now.