October 8th, 2004


Contaminated Conference.

today's conference was a much better deal that last weeks. katherine, who organised it, put up a nice spread of things, from free sandwiches to coke to little pastry business and comfy chairs. i looked around, thought to myself, excellent, and then had me some breakfast/lunch.

the papers were of a better quality, from what i heard, which admittedly wasn't much, but others had mostly nice things to say. this time, when i walked in, a girl was presenting her paper, and using the word shit a whole heap. made me feel right at home, that did. indeed, when i got up there, i told my story of the woman and her baby, which got a few laughs, and then gave my paper. got a better response this time, with lots of people telling me afterwards that they liked it, and enjoyed it (which are apparently two different things in the academic world). which is all goodness, as they didn't have to do that.

i did have one guy, in the question period, accuse me of being cliched.* i just shrugged, told him i was sorry he didn't like it, and moved on.

there's no point in arguing with people like that.

* later, i was told by numerous people that they had no idea where he was coming from, which i also agreed with. (like i wouldn't, i suppose.) accusing me of having chandleresque cliches when i don't have a detective, a mystery, a woman, and that dry, overtly masculine wit going on in a story about two guys murdering a girl in the boot of their car, strikes me that perhaps said commentator hadn't actually read any chandler.

perhaps it was because i used the word noir, but then who knows. it's just not worth debating that sort of accusation.