September 14th, 2004


New Fiction Sold.

sold a story called 'the seven whistlers' to the magazine potato monkey, which is nice. the story is an allandros and balor piece, around nine thousand words, and marks the second one i've sold to the editor, ben payne.

for those having not heard of either character due to newness with this blog, i have a victorian-fashion-faerie-myth-steampunk-sword-and-sorcery series i've been developing that is, really, quite different to the other things i write. i have a ton of fun with it. it's formed, partly, as my homage to fritz leiber's fafhrd and the gray mouser series, partly out of a homage to sergio leone's eastwood starred spaghetti western, and partly out of the desire to explore the narration styles used for stories featuring linked characters and a background knowledge in the reader.

the first piece i sold, 'scratches in the sky', was to cat sparks' anthology agog! fantastic fiction. it featured only one of the main characters, allandros, and was a bit over two thousand words, but got nominated for a ditmar, and i still have people coming up to me and telling me that they loved the story. that's not bad, that. if you're one of the readers who did like that story, 'the seven whistlers' marks the third piece i've sold. 'night of the dead king' which will appear in the next issue of potato monkey and 'the lost world of the stronger' in amazing heroes 2, edited by gary thomas, are the other two.

if you've no interest in the characters or genre, fair enough. i like to be diverse in the things i write, but by no means do i expect everyone to dig everything i do.

i also had a piece of aphorisms, 'black sunday moments', picked up by antipodean sci-fi. it's no larger than two hundred words, the surviving remains of a longer set i was toying with, and which might be familiar to long time readers here. be out round december, from what i've been told.
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