August 29th, 2004


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The election is October 9th.

"This election will be about trust," said John Howard. "Who do you trust?"
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Leviathan Four: Cities.

surfing past the agony column and i caught sight of the anthology leviathan four: cities, edited by forrest aguirre and containing a story of mine. it's not a detailed review of the book, but it's pretty nice words, and shit, i even get a mention:

"The problem with talking about the Leviathan anthologies is that they elude categories more easily than they fall into them. There are a couple of obvious criteria for the Leviathan anthologies; the stories must be great and they should at least, allude to the theme. Beyond that, anything goes, and looking at the list of authors, you can see this is true. The writers here are the most daring that literature has to offer. In 'The Dreaming City', Ben Peek dreams of Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens, from Sydney to the Spirit World. Michael Cisco describes 'The City of God', following on the suggestions of Saint Augustine. And what more could anyone ask for than 'The Revenge of the Calico Cat', Stepan Chapman's guide to the garment district of Plush City."

check out the cover of the book here. the previous volume of the series was pretty cool, too.
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