August 16th, 2004


the Daisycutters Awake Among the Sleepers

Listening to the new Daisycutters album, Awake Among the Sleepers. It's catchy pop rock that burns along with Cameron Wilson's distinct vocals in lead. Sure, as an album, it's not breaking any new ground, and it's mostly about failure, breakups, and being stuck, but it's pretty cool and, y'know, there's something delicious about an album that begins with 'We Deserve Better', a song about wanting to get out, and ends with 'Here's To All hat Could Have Been Tonight', a song about how nothing has changed, and everything is a mess.
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    the daisycutters - buy some time

The Truth About Publishing

Author Ian Irvine has put an extensive article called the 'the Truth About Publishing' up on his site that tells beginning authors what to expect when publishing (or trying to publish) popular fiction. It's an even handed, well thought out thing, and talks about royalties and money and print runs without an ounce of complaint about the situation (does everyone remember that article?) and never tries to shamelessly promote his own work. Here's a quote:

"Most book advances in Australia, the UK and the US are less than $10,000. Surprisingly, most advances in the UK and US aren’t a lot higher than here [Australia--Ben], despite the much bigger markets. Why not? There are a lot more titles published, a lot more competition and, in the case of the US, much more fragmented markets...

When you finally get the advance, don’t spend it on something wasteful like food, clothing or rent. You’re going to need every penny to promote your book, because the chances are that no one else will (see Lesson 13)."

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    the daisycutters - here's to all that could have been tonight