August 11th, 2004


Ipod #2.

Yes, I do have an Ipod. It's the little white capitalist child I never had, and I love it.
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    tori amos - a sort of fairytale

young writers festival, newcastle.

small update.

it appears that i will be at the young writers festival up in newcastle in september, and that i will be giving a paper that, in all likelihood, will relate to a walking tour of the dreaming city. this will be the first time i have taken my novel and thesis on the road, so to say, and there's a goodness and a badness in both those situations. still, it's happening. i will be reading from two different chapters, as well as detailing a bit of the theoretical background that goes along with it, while attempting to keep everything at a fascinating and interesting level.

i'll stick up dates when i get them, for those with a mild interest.