July 6th, 2004


Dead Orbit Update.

Dead Orbit has a new look.

For the people on my friends list, this will mean nothing. For everyone else, it'll be fairly obvious from the start. The new look is due to moving up to having a paid account and getting more choices, and the fantastic web hacking abilities of switchknitter, who shall be showered with crazed and sexy midgets for assist. Or something that she might actually enjoy.

You know, when I got this account two years ago, I figured I'd use it for a couple of months and then move on, quickly bored.
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What You Won't Get At Public Schools

"When teachers take attendance at a new middle school next month, they won't need a notebook or even a piece of paper.

They can depend on biometric hand readers to do the job.

The little black boxes, which take less than a second to identify students based on the dimensions of their hands, will be placed in all 61 classrooms, the cafeteria, main office and media center at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, which will open Aug. 11 at Spanish River Boulevard and Military Trail.

The technology also will be on Don Estridge school buses so the school can monitor who gets on and off at each stop.

"We are a testing ground for this new technology," said Jim Kelly, Palm Beach County schools' police chief. "It's like an ID card for kids, but they won't be able to lose them."

The machines store a mathematical equation, but not a picture, for each hand, making them different from electronic fingerprint systems typically associated with federal law enforcement agencies, Kelly said."


now, while on the surface this seems nice and all, if only for rich private schools, i'm sure, i can't help a slight feeling of unease about it. maybe it's that reference to an id card. outside this particular environment of a school, i'm against id cards. it's arguable that we have them already in a driver's license, but you don't find being stopped and asked for that in the middle of the street, or when entering a building, or whenever someone in a position of authority doesn't like the look of you, for whatever reason.

i figure that it's probably inevitable that id cards will come in. sadly, in the current political environment, it's seen as a solution to problems that, even with an id card, will still exist. but so far, the idea of a form of mass iding system that keeps track of people, and monitors who gets on and off a bus (who arrives to school and doesn't, and who arrives but doesn't show to class), so far such a system hasn't had any kind of favour with people in various countries.

this is the beginning of it, though. a mass id system for good citizens begins with the safety of the children.