May 1st, 2004


Have a Fucking Ringtone.

"A band from Germany has adopted a novel approach to getting their music heard by millions.

Super Smart have turned their backs on vinyl and CDs and instead have decided to just release their album as ringtones.

The album, Panda Babies, is published by a German company that focuses on digital music for mobile phones.

"Music has to be re-thought," said Antonio Vince Staybl, founder of the Go Fresh Mobile Music label."


yes, music has to be re-thought, but not, evidently, by a bunch of guys with panda heads.

American Chocolate Observation

i was recently shown a place where you can buy american chocolate bars in sydney. it's a little shelf in a cramped convenience store, but it holds all the names advertised to me through american tv: babe ruth, 5th avenue... latent advertising kicked in, and titles like these and others were purchased.

in the end, all i can say is that you americans are being screwed over by your chocolate companies.