April 14th, 2004


wildcats 3.0

the american comic wildcats 3.0 has been cancelled.

it was a comic that took the fear of globalisation as a thematic concern, and filled the books pages with cyborgs, big business, telepaths, and a gun fighter who, when his legs are shot out from under him, fights to keep his violent place in the world by using people and robots to make sure the world remains violent and dirty and morally ambiguous. but yet, visually, it wasn't a dark book: it was bright like the inside of a company office for the most part, filled with little science fiction bits and pieces (like alien batteries) that threatened the global economic community and western dominance--with, it must be admitted, a new white western power--while attempting to throw off the black and white heroes that populate the superhero genre. (the visual portrayal of the book fell to dustin ngyuen, who was never less than capable in meeting its demands, and frequently quite excellent.)

it wasn't a perfect book, lets be honest. a lot of people called it an intelligent book, but casey, the writer, frequently felt like he could go only so far with the themes. should the fact that the industrialist who wanted to the change the world was white and american been more of an issue in the book? i think so. should he have played up the world economics moreso? probably. should he have cut out the pointless subplot about a mother and her son and agent orange? totally. but these things might be more personal than anything else, and might be simply a situation where the direction i thought the series should take was not the one casey had in mind. the inclusion of the president, for example, always seemed a mistake to me, and a fairly cheap shot for a book trying to be intelligent and morally ambiguous. if you're going to be intelligent, i want to be confronted by the world views put out, not given a giggle and a breakdown in some simple ideas.

that said, however, the characterisation of the three main characters was excellent, and casey's portrayal of cole cash, the afformentioned gunman, utterly brilliant. for a trio of grey characters fronting a book, you would be hard pressed to find a better portrayal than in wildcats 3.0.

but now the book has been cancelled.

there are a couple of trades out, and the comics in comic stores, and if you're into this sort of stuff, it's entirely worth picking them up.
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Killing Time Until I Die.

yeah, i'm avoiding anything that looks like work today, and tomorrow, and then, again, on Friday. fuck it, it's something like a holiday. (or my brain turned into liquid.) so that means i'm particularly open to all the dumb and slightly less dumb but ultimately time consuming memes going around the livejournal community.

take this one:

Everyone who reads this, ask me 3 questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

(see ironed_orchid, you just chop the word want off it. it's easy like Sunday morning.)

so: come on, ask me anything. i promise to lie.
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