April 1st, 2004


a dave sim thing.

dave sim recently finished cerebus, a work i've never been able to get into. the only volume of it that i own is the first, which, crude and uneven, stops me from getting into the whole thing. i've read later issues (i think it was the 'guys and dolls' arc), which i thought were told in a structurally fascinating way, brilliantly illustrated, and though never my political outlook on things, it was enough to make me pick up the first book. still, i've always stalled on that opening, and in the following years, i've just forgotten about it, until now... and now i find myself thinking i should take another tilt at the series.

this partly because of the interview with sim that is at the onion club. psychologically cut off from the world, unable to connect with it except in the ways that he finds himself disconnected, sim talks about writing cerebus for twenty six years while accusing all leftwing gen x's of being unthinking idiots in the thrall of an evil feminist empire. towards the end of the interview, he gets a little tired, but when not ranting about those things (and frankly, it is ranting), i found myself, oddly, interested in the story of a foul-tempered anthropomorphic aardvark (cerebus) and the fifteen volumes of it. i'm at a loss to tell you why, to be honest.

i don't know if this'll remain, and if it does, i might go check it out. i'd appreciate anyhow who has read the entire thing telling me what they thought, and for those who haven't heard of sim and cerebus before, there's the link.