March 13th, 2004



the ditmar nomination thing has show up.

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the highlights in category order.

* kirsten (k j) bishop has picked up a nomination for her novel the etched city. in addition, she also picked up a nomination for best new talent.

* brendan duffy continues to pick up a bunch of kudos for 'louder echo' (it'll be appearing in the hartwell years best science fiction, if i remember correctly), and he has also gotten nominated for best new talent.

* terry dowling's massive 'rynemonn', from forever shores, (and which is the end of the tom tyson saga) picked up a novella nomination.

* kyla ward at ashamel has picked up a short story nomination for her fine story 'kijin tea'.

* so too did deb biancotti, who picked up a nomination for her fine surreal piece 'the singular life of eddy dovewater'.

* agog! terrific tales, edited by cat sparks, southern blood, edited by bill congreve, elsewhereedited by michael barry, and forever shores, edited by peter mcnamara and margaret winch have all picked up best anthology nominations. (follow the links to the people and books.)

* and finally, your humble livejournal poster, after selling fiction for nine years, has been nominated for a best new talent. it is, however, a nice thought, so if you voted, much thanks. if not, thanks anyhow.

the awards are given out conflux in canberra at the end of april. in case you're wondering, i will be there, if for no other reason than to kick that rumour that i'm a middle aged man or whatever else it's been said of me over time... so yeah, if you're going to be there, come along, say hi, that sort of thing.

if you're not going to canberra (and lets face it, there's nothing in canberra), but you've some urge to vote anyhow, you can apparently spend ten australian bucks and get a voting form to show your love.

but i wouldn't.
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