March 9th, 2004


Bill Hicks' Love All the People: Letters, Lyrics, Routines.

they have released a book of dead comedian bill hicks' routines, lyrics, and letters, and it can be purchased somewhere around here. my copy arrived this morning, and no, i haven't read the entire thing, but it features transcripts of hicks' rountine, which, just flipping through, prove to be worth the price of this book alone.


"It's just so scary watching the news, how they built it all out of proportion, like Iraq could ever, possibly, under any stretch of the imagination, be a threat to us... whatsoever. But watching the news you never woulda got that idea. Remember how it started? They kept talking about the Elite Republican Guard in these hushed tones? Like these guys were the bogeyman or something. "Yeah, we're doing well now, but we have yet to face the Elite Republican Guard." Like these guys were twelve-feet-tall desert warriors. (makes crashing footstep noise) "Never LOst a battle!" (crashing footsteps) "We shit bullets." (crashing footsteps) Yeah, well, after two months of continuous carpet bombing and not one reaction at all from them, they became simply the Republican Guard. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Not nearly as elite as we have les you to believe. And after another month of bombing they went from the Elite Republican Guard, to the Republican Guard, to the Republicans made this shit up about there being guards out there."

this is worth buying.

the biography of hicks, american scream, by cynthia true, however, isn't very good and you should just avoid this. buy hicks' cds.


I dream of eating the shards of my teeth. They fill my mouth, splintering from their place in my gums, cutting, stabbing, and puncturing through my skin as I chew.

I do not stop.

the radio show.

unless something unforeseen happens, i'll be appearing on smeg tomorrow night. (Wednesday the tenth.) it'll be around seven in the evening, and all the station details and such can be dragged out of that link, for the few people who want to listen and get the show. it ought to prove interesting.

so that's that.

i also just got a piece of spam telling me that there are new australian spam laws coming into place to stop spam, but which really won't stop spam, and if i want to stop spam then i should follow this piece of spam to get the anti-spam things that this spam is so graciously spamming me for. isn't life just worth living?