March 7th, 2004


Alan Moore: Voice of the Fire, From Hell, Other Stuff.

there is a quick interview with alan moore here. moore wrote voice of the fire, which i like quite a bit (see previous entry) and this is a nice little interview about the book and a few other things that'll hopefully convince more people to buy it.

here's a quote:

"I think that all too often, in the 21st Century, and throughout the 20th Century, we tend to spend our everyday existence walking along streets or driving along streets that we have no real understanding of, even if we see them everyday, and they just become fairly meaningless and bleak blocks of concrete, whereas, if you happen to know that such-and-such a poet was incarcerated inside an asylum upon this street or that such-and-such a murder happened here or that such-and-such a fabulous, legendary queen is buried in this vicinity: all of these little stories, it makes the places that we live much richer if we have a knowledge of these things."