March 3rd, 2004


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It was the monkey that woke me, hanging off the ceiling fan and dropping the phone on me. It was greasy, the plastic cracked, and the dial tone had given out.

Courtney Love's New Album.

yes, i like courtney love's new album, america's sweetheart. it's arrogant, self loathing, full of her drug problems, and at times, funny. i in fact recommend that people go and download 'zeplin song' which is about a wannabe guitarist who does nothing but get stoned and drunk and play 'stairway to heaven' on his guitar, and which is sung from the point of view of his table top dancing girlfriend who's sick and tired of his useless ass.

it's funny because it's true. there are thousands of men out there just like this, and i'm sure you've all known one.
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    Courtney Love - the Zeplin Song