February 16th, 2004


Couple of Things.

nothing big, but a bit of content anyhow.

the week was a bit of a waste, and in between the workshop that wasted my time, and the cleaning up previous projects work, i read a couple of things that were okay, but nothing amazing, and which warrant a mention, but don't really have the content to warrant a big discussion. so i'd thought i'd chuck them together in this post.

the day dali died, jeff vandermeer.

a small collection, it's a mix of poetry and flash fiction. if i had to estimate, i'd say the longest piece is about four thousand words. the poetry was more miss than hit for me, and the fiction more hit than miss, and i read it in a couple of hours, and... it was okay. it didn't come anywhere near city of saints and madmen, but then it really wasn't meant to. the day dali died is the kind of book that is intended for people who have enjoyed vandermeer's previous work and like it. (which is me.) it's not the kind of book i would suggest someone who has never read his stuff should buy--try veniss underground or city of saints and madmen instead.

thor: vikings, garth ennis and glenn fabry.

so: a bunch of zombie vikings arrive in new york and kick the snot out of thor and pillage the city. it's cool. is that a valid critiquing system? well, fuck it: it's cool. fabry's art is fantastic, and he's having a ball with the head chopping and zombie vikings and burning of new york. ennis is having a ball kicking the shit out of thor and managing to create a graphic novel where thor is apparently one of the major characters, but is really playing second fiddle to the zombie king and dr strange. but that's okay, because thor is kind of stupid. you might even be thinking, why did i buy a thor graphic novel if i don't like thor--well, i don't dislike thor, but he is kind of stupid, but mostly i bought it because i like garth ennis' work, and an entire project with glenn fabry's dirty, detailed art in it is enough to have me pass over seventeen bucks. added to that, the real star of the book is not thor but the zombie king, and the sheer big scene fun ennis and fabry bring with him and his murderous good time.

put simply: this is a big, b grade zombie book that burns down new york, beats up thor, and is filled with gleeful violence. what's not to enjoy?

and, finally, i've been listening to the cure's bloodflowers album. took me a while to get around to it because i hadn't heard much good, and what good i had heard was a little damning with faint praise. but i like it. there best album? who knows--well, someone more qualified than i, really. but still, i like it. it plays nicely as an album, which is a little more rare than you'd like these days.


i don't stick up tests here very often, but i did the 'what are you physically attracted too' test at www.attraction.match.com and it was a bit of fun. (i got the link off nihilistic_kid so it's his fault.)

this is the type of woman i'm attracted too:

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