January 3rd, 2004


What Word Would You Ban?

Linguists Suggest Banned Words for 2004

"Metrosexual" topped the list. Coined in 1994 by British journalist Mark Simpson, the term refers to urban, usually heterosexual men with a keen interest in fashion, shopping and elaborate grooming.

But to Bob Forrest of Tempe, Ariz., one of many to nominate the term for banishment, it "sounds like someone who only has sex downtown or on the subway." Fred Bernardin of Arlington, Mass., asked, "Aren't there enough words to describe men who spend too much time in front of the mirror?"

As for "punked" or "punk'd," as the MTV prank show spells it, the committee defined it as "bamboozled, duped, flimflammed, hornswoggled."


i'm all for getting rid of punk'd (or punked) myself, but that's mainly because i think ashton kutcher was an over used term in 2003.