December 30th, 2003


Lord of the Rings Observation.

now... i'm starting to hear from other friends who've seen the return of the king that there's been applauding at the end of the film.

they applauded during the movie marathon of all three, but not once, which would've been acceptable. they applauded at the beginning of the fellowship of the ring, then when aragorn chops of the orc's head at the end--that was more of a cheer, actually--and then at the end of the film again. they clapped at the beginning and end of the two towers, and they clapped at the beginning and end of return of the king.

it was a lot of clapping.

it was also really pointless, but hey, whatever makes people happy, right?

The United Kingdom Price.

You can buy the united kingdom for 8.8 trillion dollars (well, in theory, you could), which means that, "The precise figure is 4.983 trillion pounds, or 84,760.47 pounds for every man, woman and child as of April 2001. The value of buildings, vehicles, machinery, bridges, roads, shares and bank accounts are included in the total (of 8.8 trillion, natch), which is based on 2002 data."


i suspect that somewhere, wealthy industrialists have just realised the bargain they've gotten by funding campaigns and influencing administrations in their invasions of countries...
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