December 14th, 2003


Forever Shores Book Launch.

for those of you keeping a tab on these things, the launch, on Thursday, went nicely.

the book was launched by nick stathopoulos and terry dowling, with nick giving a nice speech, while terry encouraged people to drink the free wine. which is what book launches are all about, really. a bit of my story was read by nick, who did a fine job, and people laughed in the right places. then a cardboard cut-out of tom baker was found and used in the majority of photos for anyone who was involved in the book. in case you're wondering why the cut-out was such an important feature, it's because, well, um, my story features such a cardboard cut-out.

in the story (called 'dr who? (or the day i learnt to love tom baker)'), the cut-out exists to make sure that everyone (or one particular boy) knows the joy that is tom baker. it's a comedy, so i'll leave it to you to imagine the ways in which tom baker's body of work is treated... and if you're thinking poorly, you're on the right track.

the book has many fine qualities, i hasten to add. the end of terry dowling's tom tyson saga written with his elegant prose, the always readable lucy sussex, the joy that is rosaleen love, and bunches of others that skip my head right now. if it sounds like your thing, check here. if it doesn't... well, such is life, but maybe something else will appeal down the track.

one of my aims with my work is to be diverse. to jump genres, tones, thematic concerns, whatever. so this year, the two stories, in elsewhere and forever shores, were comedies, but both quite different to each other, while up next, 'the dreaming city' in leviathan four, is nowhere near a comedy. it is instead a dark literary fantasy, heading down the genre path that 'cigarettes and roses' took. (though they don't look a thing a like, as the second is noir road story.) then there is the linked allandros and balor stories, which are a mix of steampunk and sword and sorcery, and after them... well, it just keeps chopping and changing ingenre and style. the voice is mine, but the aim is to be as diverse in range as i possibly can.

this has gotten a bit off track. so. back to the launch? well, what's left to say: people bought books, some of them got signed, and i got to hang around with the fine writers kyla ward (who shares a livejournal with david, her other half (and who wasn't there), but still) and deb biancotti, and that lovely editor/publisher/writer/artistcat sparks, among others, which included the excellent j, d, and cas (and the two girls that d conned into going, r and m, who showed a very admirable love for books), and who simply don't get better mentions cause they have no net homes or cushy little titles i can give them as promotion, but who are always the finest of company.

it was a funky time.
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