December 8th, 2003


Forever Shores.

my contributor copies of forever shores arrived today, along with that always welcomed slip of paper that contains money.

i was a bit unimpressed by the images of the cover that i'd seen, but in the flesh, it is substantially more likeable due to the layout and design of the book. the book itself is lovely: printed on thick white paper, held between a solid cover, and clocking in with three hundred and sixty odd pages of fine fiction. this is probably going to be one of the finest collections that australian speculative fiction will produce for a few years, and i'm pleased to be part of it.

there are a bunch of launches going on, but most immediately, there's one in sydney on Thursday, which i'll be at.

here are the details:

Book Launch @ Galaxy Bookshop

143 York Street Sydney
Thursday 11th December at 6pm

Forever Shores, Edited by Peter McNamara and Margaret Winch

Forever Shores brings together some of the best Australian authors of fantasy fiction writing today.

From Isobelle Carmody’s tragic romantic style to Terry Dowling’s complex and technical worlds, Damien Broderick’s straight-faced player in the game of worlds, and Carmel Bird’s intriguing ‘genetic unconscious deciding factor’ all the stories in this collection share the same fascination with the fantastic.

This element, the ‘not quite of this world’ quality that defines fantasy writing, has been challenged and paid tribute to between the pages of this impressive new anthology.

so, if you're in the area, come along. there's free booze, and midgets, and maybe even a sword swallower of political effigy to burn.